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Congratulations, you're on the squad.

NathwaniMedia is pulling together a team of rockstar freelancers and collaborators to execute an entirely new agency concept in Toronto this summer.

Use this form to enter all of the info we'll use to create your profile with us and our host client, StartWell Coworking Space.

We're excited you've decided to join our team and start this journey with us. You're proof that there are people out there with the hustle, drive and deep entrepreneurial spirit to try something different. The best ideas come from this energy. When someone asks you to come for a ride on a rocketship, you don't ask what seat; you just get on.

We look forward to building something great with you, and hope you're excited for what's in store. Once you've sent this form in, our agency's Executive Administrator, Shuayb Rasool, will be in touch with further details and steps to get you fully set up - one of steps will be a one on one kickoff meeting with me. Can't wait to chop it up!!

Ameet aka Bones

Founder & CEO, NathwaniMedia

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